WordPress Site Health Check for Small Business

The WordPress Site Health Check is like a tuneup for your website. We all know that our car runs better when it received regular servicing. Similarly, if you don’t maintain your WordPress site on a regular basis, its performance will diminish.

What does a WordPress Site Health Check consist of?

Software Updates

Get peace of mind that your website software is secure and all up-to-date.

Full Backups

Relax! Its never the end of the world. Your site can easily be restored.


Removing spam, and/or post revisions, reduces the database size and increases speed of your site.

Database Optimisation

Your WordPress database will be optimised to reduce your page load times.

Malware Scans

Constant security scans help identify problems and to keep intruders out.


Training Videos

WordPress Training Videos will be installed on to your WP dashboard for 1 year Only.


Licence Checks

Your installed theme and plugin licences are checked. If not up-to-date, you’ll be notified.

Broken Link Checker

Fixing broken links improves the user experience, reduces bounce rate and increase pageviews.

Site Health Report

Website health report, with recommendations on what else you can do to improve it.


Additional Design

Up to 2 hours of minor changes and fixes. Additional work will be charged at $80 per hour.

Wordpress Site Health Check

$350 AUD


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