The Need

iPaddock is a newly established business providing the iPaddock Suite of farming apps to Australian Farmers (and other farmers around the world).

The apps are farmer-focussed Apps designed to save money, optimise yields, improve productivity, and increase profits. The launch of the website was to coincide with the upcoming availability of apps on the App store.

Mic Fels approached me to develop a website to coincide with the launch of his new Farm Management Apps. I was asked to worked closely with the graphic designer at Colourfool, who had already been previously contracted to design the style, look and feel, of the website.

The Solution

A responsive website theme was used and customised to match the iPaddock branding, and showcase the new apps for desktop, tablet and mobile visitors.

To site was designed to enhance awareness of the apps and generate revenue through sales derived by sales at the App store.

I worked on the site copy and optimised the pages for search to esure the site was found by the target market, Australian farmers.

iPaddock Homepage