Are You Ready?

Great! So, Lets Check We’re On the Same Page

My aim is always to generate great results for my clients, and to make sure that can happen, its always best that we all start on the same page about your project.

Check to see if you meet these requirements before starting…

You Have Goals to Achieve

Building your website without a set of goals is like a ‘miner without a lamp’. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll have no idea when you get there.

Clearly defined goals are essential, so if you have goals or or are willing to work further to define them, then lets talk.

You Have an Audience

Building your website to be the ‘go to place’ on your topic is the only way to generate an audience and hence new customers online. So be prepared to be bold and standout as the ‘authority’ in your field.

If you don’t already have an audience you should be prepared to build one.

You Have the Passion

Building a business online is takes time and consistent efforts. Your passion for the project that will keep you going when you find yourself running up against a wall.

Are you passionate about the project and what it will mean for your business? Having goals is one things, but you need to have the driving force to achieve them.

You Have a Team

You will need help from others to help you on with your project.  It’s going to be a lot to take on by yourself. Things tend to get done on time when you have a team.

Have you got people that you can delegate tasks to? Who have the necessary skills and authority to make decisions to keep your project on track and make your life easy?

You Have a Budget

Having a realistic budget will ensure that there is no compromise on quality.Whilst it may be attractive to cut corners, the outcomes are rarely as effective.

Your project is a business investment and you’ll get the best outcomes if you treat it that way. When you implement my strategies, you’ll get a positive return.


You Have Time

If we are going to work together, I will need your full attention over the course of the project. You will be required to provide content and feedback in a timely manner.

I understand that you have a business to run, but so do I. So, if know this will be a problem, consider delegating the project to a team member to reduce delays.

The Next step...

Now it’s time to learn about my development process. I”ve done this many times and now have a specific way I go about it. So, find out the steps we’ll be taking together during the project.