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So, Let’s Explore Why WordPress

Why wordpress-Good web solutions

WordPress is the Market Leader

There are many reasons to use WordPress as a platform for your website design. WordPress powers over 39% of all websites on the internet, and is the most used platform for business’s who want to manage their own site content.

It is a robust and extremely versatile platform, that can form the basis for any type of website you can think of.

The value built into your WordPress website

WordPress is Mobile Friendly

WordPress will allow you to craft a responsive mobile friendly design, that intelligently adapts to work beautifully on desktop, tablet and smartphones.

Websites that don’t work well on mobile devices, will lose you customers and credibility, because it’s just too hard to navigate on a non-mobile friendly website on a small screen.

In addition, Google now has a “Mobile First” indexing policy. This means it will rank mobile friendly websites over those that are not, in it’s search results.

WordPress is Super Flexible

WordPress can create any type of website. From a simple ‘brochure’ site, to a full blown eCommerce solution – and any anything in-between.

Additional functionality and customisation can be easily added to a WordPress website by installing Plugins. This lierally means you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on software development, everytime you need something new.

WordPress Helps with SEO

No matter how stylish or pretty a website, if it  doesn’t rank highly in search engines, particularly Google, then your potential customers will never find it.

WordPress is built from the offset with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind. It uses simple and consistent code that is easy for Google to read.

Manage Your Own Content

WordPress is the world’s most used  Content Management System (CMS), and it will allow you to easily ‘manage content’.

Once you sign on, you’ll be able to easily  add, change or remove text, images, videos – whatever –  whenever and where ever you wish.

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Additional WordPress Services

WordPress websites - Need security
Security & Maintenance

Once your website is launched the core software and any plugins used on your site, will need to be updated regularly to benefit from enhancements, bug fixes and security updates.

The Essential Care Plan provides ongoing behind the scenes support that will help to maintain your website’s security and performance, long after the initial project is complete.

Website Health Checks

WordPress software is not set and forget website website platform. It performs best when it is continually optimized for speed and safe browsing by performing regular updates and security audits.

So, if you have a WordPress website that has not been regularly maintained, it’s probably a 100% certainty that it is in need of a WP health check.

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