The Need

Esperance Bay Historical Society approached Good Web Solutions to build a clean, easy to navigate website. The Society won a grant to help them develop a website, to transition to the digital era. They wanted a simple design to meet the needs of the target audience. Furthermore, the design needed to be mobile friendly, to meet the needs of the younger generation.

Most of the historical information that had been compiled since their establishment in 1971, had never seen by anyone outside of the Society. Hence, the website would be a great way to present that information to a wider audience. The Society also saw the potential of gathering more information, by encouraging visitors to add to the stories that they found on the site. Consequently, there are multiple calls for action on the site.

The Solution

Built on WordPress, the website features ways for you to get involved with the Esperance Bay Historical Society. Furthermore, you can easily find many fascinating stories about early Esperance pioneers and their families. Important events since European Settlement are showcased in an interactive scrolling Esperance Timeline, whilst dynamic tables are use to search, sort and filter many of the pioneer stories.

I worked exclusively with the chairperson who worked tirelessly, to provide the site content. At the time of launch, there are around 300 pages on the site, and around 300 photos.  Much more will be added by the Society in the coming months.

Esperance Bay Historical Society Homepage