WordPress for Business Websites without Complexity

Published: 23/04/2012
Wordpress for business-Good Web Solutions

Over 60 million people worldwide are using WordPress for business.

Its started as  blogging platform, but now 54% of the people choosing to run WordPress as a Content Management System.

It intuitive and great for non technical users. Its known for an extensive range of themes and plugins that can be easily changed and customised.

WordPress is ideal for small businesses or organisations that want a simple website that’s easy to manage sites with small learning curves.

Over 60 million people worldwide use WordPress!

Why many people love WordPress for business:

  • You will find WordPress easy and intuitive tool to update pages
  • You don’t need to have HTML skills FTP knowledge or software
  • You can manage WordPress website from anywhere you can access the Internet
  • You can make site updates using the WordPress mobile device App
  •  Google loves WordPress because its SEO friendly
  • You can easily change the look and feel of the design
  • You can run as a blog, normal website or both
  • You can extend what it can do by adding plugins
  • You can grow the size of your site over time
  • You can have multiple users with different roles
  • Its Open Source and requires no commercial license…its FREE