8 Small Ways to Get New Customers

Published: 10/07/2016
Here are some quick tips to help you attract engage and capture some new customers on your website. They have been kept intentionally brief because I always feel that the power is in the small things, and the small changes that we can make each day. So lets make a start!

1.People don’t buy your products, or your services

They buy the benefits that your product or service promises. That is, how it will make their life better by making their problem smaller.

2.Visitors should instantly know they’re in the right place

Make it clear what you do, who you do it for, why you’re different and what the next step is. The alternative will be that you lose them.

3.Every page should direct your visitors toward a goal

Whether its contacting you or visiting another page, you should always give your visitors a reason to take the next step with a call action.

4.Keyword research

Its you know how people in your your market are searching for your offering, and also how tough the competition is. Knowing this will put you ahead of 90% of all small business websites.

5.Getting on page one of Google is critical

98% of searchers will never go past page one of Google’s search results. So if you’re not on page one of Google, your small business might as well be invisible.

6.Claim your Google, Bing, Yahoo local business listings

Don’t miss out on free traffic! This is especially vital for local small businesses who want to get found.

7.Google does care about what you say about your site

Google cares more about what everyone else says about it. This is why getting other websites to link to your site is vital for your business.

8.Track your website’s visitors

The only way to make informed decision that will improve the performance of your website, is to analyse your website’s statistics to learn what is working and what is not working for you.