SSL Certificates used to be only used to provide encryption security on eCommerce websites.Times have changed, and Google now uses ‘HTTPS’ as a ranking signal. This means using an SSL Certificates on any kind of site, will improve it’s SEO Ranking. Put it another way, Google now favours HTTPS sites over HTTP sites, in it’s search engine results.

Earlier this year, Google started labeling HTTP pages that collect passwords, or credit card information, as non-secure. For example, the Chrome Browser now marks non-secure pages containing password and credit card input fields as Not Secure, in the URL bar.

Chrome Broswer - Not Secure - SSL Certificates Improve SEO


Similarly, if you use WordPress, you may have noticed that the login page now tells you it is non-secure, if you’re not using HTTP.

The Firefox browser now shows a drop-down message when you click on the password field, on any site not using secure HTTPS.


Wordpress-not-secure-firefox - SSL Certificates Improve SEO


 These warning signs and messages will diminish the level of TRUST your visitors have in your service or product. 

What are SSL Certificates?

Look at the address bar of your web browser, and you will see that the site address, starts with ‘https://’ or ‘https://’”. The latter is always accompanied by a padlock, and signifies that a secure SSL Certificate is being used.

SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. Its is a layer of security that establishes an encrypted link between your web server and your visitor’s web browser. This means that all data passed between the your web browser and the server remains private and secure.

Good Web Solutions -SSL improves SEO

An unsecured HTTP connection, potentially allows third-parties to access any traffic passing between your visitor’s web browser and your server. This should be avoided at all costs, especially if you’re asking visitors to pass sensitive information, like credit card details. For this reason eCommerce sites use SSL Certificates to gain the trust of their visitors. It’s always wise to abandon a purchase if you don’t see a ‘Padlock’ symbol that confirms your details will be secure.


Move over to HTTPS to improve SEO Ranking today!

Yes, that’s right, move all your HTTP sites over to HTTPS, and build every new website with SSL from the start. Why?

The push is on for all sites, regardless of whether they are eCommerce or not, to use secure HTTPS connections. Eventually, most sites will have SSL and people will learn NOT TO TRUST sites that continue to use non-secure HTTP. How is this related to SEO?

Google loves serves up the most relevant pages that it can find fit our search requests. So having taken so much care, why would they then send you to a site that is not secure? So, it kinda makes sense if you think about it. 

Where to get SSL Certificates?

In the past, SSL Certificates were expensive, but now switching to SSL is affordable for every website owner.

There are different kinds of SSL Certificates, and costs vary according to the level of TRUST required. For example, eCommerce websites require a higher level of TRUST than a simple non eCommerce website. SiteGround offers three types of SSL Certificate:

SSL Improves SEODiscover more about the SSL Certificates offered at SiteGround


How to get FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

If you’re just running a regular WordPress site, that doesn’t handle super sensitive information, you still need SSL. The great news is that you can get a free SSL Certificate, from a service called Let’s Encrypt.

If you do intend to process sensitive data on your site, then this free option is NOT you.

Most major hosting providers have partnered with Let’s Encrypt to make installing a free SSL Certificate an easy process. They allow you to add your free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates within the cPanel Dashboard, that comes with your hosting account.

GET STARTED : Follow SiteGround’s Let’s Encrypt Tutorial