Joomla Websites No Longer Supported

Published: 09/01/2018
Joomla Websites No Longer Developed
In 2018, WordPress is now well established as the most used Content Management System, with 60% of the market share. Around 28% of all websites on run on WordPress, whilst only 2.6% are Joomla websites.

Having started as a blogging platform, WordPress has become the ‘go to’ platform for many businesses and organisations. Why? Mainly because WordPress was adopted early by marketers, who discovered that blogging was a very effective marketing activity.

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Joomla continues to be an outstanding Content Management System, however, I’ve found that most small business owners find it too technical to use Joomla websites. WordPress is relatively much easier to use, and this is how it has been positioned.

However, the idea that you can just ‘set WordPress and forget it’ is erroneous, because the software needs regular maintenance to ensure it performs well, and remains secure from hackers. So Good Web Solutions now only develops WordPress websites, because it’s easier for my clients, and offer a WordPress Maintenance Service, to help you look after your website.