Keep it updated

Published: 23/04/2012
Google analytics-Good Web Solutions
Keep it updated.  If there is If you own a website its important for you to do is ‘keep it updated’. Your next update is important to the success of your website and the business it has the potential to generate. Regular website updates are necessary to maintain your site’s optimum level of performance, and to ensure you get a good return on your investment.

Keep it updated but make your update count

Updating your website is a great but this initiative can easily pale into insignificance if no one accept you sees what you have done. Similarly, if the update does not cause your visitors to takes some kind of action, such as contact you, buy or sign up, then what purpose does it actually serve?

Keep it updated and target traffic and conversion

Many websites update regularly but lose track of why they are doing what they do. Consequently they lose traffic and have a poor conversion rate. When you update your site try to make sure your update gets found by Google to ensure the people its targeted at, get it. Craft your message to compel your visitors to take some action, whether it be to order, download or contact you.

Keep it updated with insight using Google Analytics

Valuable insights into how your site is being used can be gained by viewing website statistics programs, such as Google Analytics. It measures how your site is being used, sales and conversions, and will lets you know how effective your strategy to keep it updated has been. The insight you get will help you to focus your efforts on the parts of your website that are failing to perform.