The Need

Dr Sonja van Niekerk offers natural holistic approaches to health, that can alleviate a wide range of conditions and reversible illnesses. The Holistic treatments are whole person centered, aiming to restore your health and well being at all levels. Sonja approached me to showcase the professional services that she offers and increase awareness of her practice.

The Solution

My strategy was to first understand her business and who Sonja was looking to attract to her site. The site design was designed to match the existing branding and I worked closely with Sonja on the copy.

The site needed to convey a lot of information and this allowed many individual pages to be optimised for specific keyword phrases, reaching deeper into the searches made by the target market.

Their Response

My website is great. I am getting lots of positive feedback. I’m referring patients to the website and it’s saving me a lot of talking. Thanks again.

Dr Sonja van Niekerk
Health Practitioner

Dr Sonja van Niekerk Homepage