Affordable small business content management systems

Published: 23/04/2012
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Small business content management systems (CMS) are now is regarded as a fundamental part of web site development. They are designed to be user friendly and allow non-technical users to easily make content changes to web pages. In short, a CMS will allow your small business to make content changes safely without you affecting the site design or site structure.

Small business content management

Content Management Systems used to be only available to large corporations. Commercial Content Management Systems are developed by software companies who sell their software and support, at costs a small business could not justify.

The mass adoption of Small Business Content Management Systems is to do with the fact that high quality software is now available that previously only only larger enterprises could afford.

Open Source Content Management Systems

The term Open Source relates to a not-for-profit initiative that makes computer software whose source code is made freely available.

To use an Open Source Content Management System you do not have to pay the license costs associated with commercial software. Open Source software is FREE TO USE.

The two most popular Open Source CMS are Word press and Joomla. Around 8.5 million sites are currently using Wordpress, and 2 million are using Joomla!

Where does your  small business where really need to invest it’s money?

Website development costs have come down because  businesses are no longer need to pay a developer to spend hours hand coding a website from scratch.

Businesses used to to have little money left to increase traffic and conversion rates because their whole budget went on site development.

Now businesses can SAVE on development fees by using a a FREE Open Source CMS, and invest a percentage of the saving into to the areas that make a website successful.