How to Get Top On Google

Published: 23/04/2012
Get top on google-Good Web Solutions
To get top on Google is vital. If your website is not on Google Page 1 , its unlikely you will ever get the traffic you need.

Getting the right amount and kind of traffic will put you on the pathway to achieving your sites goals.

What you need to know to get top on Google

  • Page 1 of Google shows the top 10 results for any specific search term. 95% of all clicks for any specific search term are generated from this page alone.
  • The Number 1 search result generates around 30% of the clicks on Google page 1.
  • The number 2 position generates around 17% of the clicks
  • The number 3 position will generate around 12% of the clicks,
  • and so on, down Google page 1.

To get top on Google is critical to your success

If your targeted search terms do not get top on Google, that is, in the top ten results, then you will only ever get a tiny fraction of the traffic you should be getting.

Have you considered that the vast majority of search results are not found on page one of Google, where 95% of the click are made?

Needless to say, your success become very doubtful if dependent on results pages beyond page one.