Increase Web Page Traffic by Targeting the Right People

Published: 23/04/2012
Benefits of Keyword Search -SEO
How do you increase Web Page Traffic? The biggest frustration for you as a website owner will be the lack of website visitors.

Traffic is vital for any website to succeed, and yet the vast majority of websites get very little. Your website needs traffic to make conversions.

Increase Web Page Traffic to Get In the Race

Most of your website traffic will be generated bu Google search engine.

Its vitally important that your pages rank in the TOP 10 of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) because 95% of Google Clicks happen on it’s page one results page.

If your pages are not appearing on page one for your chosen search terms then you need a new key word strategy.

Increase Web Page Traffic to Get You Over the Line

OK. Traffic has increase and your business is back in the race, but now there’s a new frustration. What could be as frustrating as having NO traffic?  Yes, you guessed it, poor conversion.

Millions of people are on the web right now searching, and most know exactly what they are searching for.

So try not to increase traffic for the sake of it. To be successful you address the needs of your  market and the niches within that market.

Only when you target people in your market searching right now for what you have to offer, will your SEO strategy succeed.