Why you need a website working overtime for you 365 days 24/7

Published: 23/04/2012
Why you need a website-Good Web Solutions
Why you need a website for your business in 2013, is because a vast number of people are using the Internet to research products and services.

Google handles 100 billion searches per month. What percentage of that number could be someone searching for your products or services?

Many people expect your business to have a website, and you may be losing potential customers to your competitors who are online.

A web page says your business is  open 24/ 7, and a simple one page website to let people know your contact details, can be the difference between a sale or no sale.

Compelling reasons why you need a website

  • IYour potential customers are already searching for you
  • IYour business credibility will be greatly enhanced
  • IYou get the competitive edge over businesses not online
  • IYour communications will be greatly enhanced
  • IOnline information saves you valuable time
  • IYour business will be available 365days, 24/7
  • IYour business will have a larger customer base
  • IUnlike print media your messages can be easily updated
  • IYou pay a fraction of the cost of print media advertising

Why you need a website out there

2013 marks the year when more people are expected to be web searching from a mobile device rather than a desktop?

Mobile devices are every where, and people have greater opportunity to  search for your products or services as they travel around town.

Now do you see why you need a website working overtime for you 365 days? You may not be available but your website can be.