Fatal web page mistakes that your business should avoid

Published: 23/04/2012
Web page mistakes-Good Web Solutions

Critical web page mistakes are being experienced by the vast majority of websites.  These web page mistakes are the omission of the two major success factors.

Most websites that set out to be successful, start with a plan. To reach for some goal or set of objectives. Very few actually achieve those goals.

So what are these web page mistakes? The two big questions that will determine your online success are:


  1. Will the web page design generate traffic?
  2. Will the web page design lead to conversions?

Web page mistakes that lead to no traffic

If no one can find your web page when they search, achieving your  conversion goals will be difficult?

How can your business grow without potential customers who can’t find you?

One of the worst web page mistakes is not to design your pages to attract traffic.

Web pages that do not appear on page 1 of Google, are rarely seen, which means that the objectives of those pages are rarely met.

Web page mistakes that lead to no conversions

The second of the fatal web page mistakes is not to take deliberate steps to lead your visitors along a path to get what they want.

A web page that does not convert visitors to customers cannot meet its objective of helping your business grow.

What do you really want?

At the end of the day, your website should make a difference to your business. How much of a difference depends on taking definite steps to meet your objectives.