Good Webpage Design should meet your aims and objectives

Published: 23/04/2012
Goo webpage design-Good Web Solutions
Building a good webpage design from scratch used to require a lot of technical expertise. The production process was complex and time consuming, and consequently expensive.

The evolution of web technologies has led to the availability of many products and services offering  good looking designs. The big question is do they create successful web sites?

Despite it being easier today that at any time to acquire a website, good webpage design still eludes the majority of sites on the web.

So what makes a really good webpage design?

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to bring website traffic
  2. Conversion Optimisation to turn your traffic into customers
No web design can meet your site objectives,
without traffic or conversion

Good web design focuses on meeting objectives, not the packaging

Good Webpage Design has Search Engine Optimisation integrated, rather than add it as an afterthought.

No site can be successful if no on goes there. Similarly, no site can succeed if your visitors don’t do anything. This is why its should also be optimised for conversion.